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We do catering of all sizes
We do catering of all sizes. A basket of muffins or a wedding on a grand scale.
Custom Catering

Best Cafe 2014
Manawatu Hospitality Awards Café of the Year 2016.

Great Cafe Food
We are passionate about food, coffee and  service.
Our Menu's

Welcome to Cafe Express

Right on the corner of The Square, where the sun catches the footpath, you’ll find us at Café Express. In the summer you can enjoy a leisurely chat with a friend and a meal any time of the day from 7 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon. We’re there ready to tempt you with delicious food that is lovingly prepared.

Our cabinet food has famous favourites that we will never change like the Rocky Road and the generous sandwiches. But we have also developed some new ideas that we feel sure you will relish, like the Tapas platters and our gluten free but not guilt free desserts.

Or you could order from the menu. There is nothing like sitting enjoying the warmth of the sun on a Sunday morning reading the paper and enjoying the Buttermilk Pancakes. In fact you can do that any morning. We’ll be there, aprons on, just waiting for you.